Network Conversation; Racism and Multiple Disadvantage

We invite you to join us in conversation to explore issues of racism and multiple disadvantage, thinking about what this means in your place, for the people you support and perhaps more critically those you do not and for the work of your partnerships.

Improving support services and systems for people experiencing multiple disadvantage by focussing on systems change can only truly be realised by also dismantling systemic racism. We’re well underway in exploring how we go about this within MEAM and hope that you will join us in the conversation.

Agenda - 13th May 

14:00 – Welcome and introductions

- What does “race” mean to you?

-Discussion 1: What is the significance of race (specifically racism and White privilege) within your local MEAM work? [break-out discussion]

-Discussion 2: How does the current operation of your role contribute to the current “defaulting” towards White people rather than to White and Black people alike? [break-out discussion] 

-Discussion 3: Functioning from a position of race equality, compared to now, what would be different about your individual/team day-to-day work? [whole group]

-Closing remarks and consideration of future sessions 

16:00 - Close